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N. Vijay Siva (born 29 March 1967) is an eminent Carnatic music vocalist. He is a disciple of the late D. K. Jayaraman

Vijay Siva was born to Akhila Siva and A.N.Siva on 29 March 1967.

Vijay Siva went to Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Senior Secondary School, Chennai. He graduated with a first class from Vivekananda College, Chennai and secured masters degree in Commerce from Madurai Kamarajar University.

At the age of four, he exhibited a rare intuitive capacity to identify ragas. Vijay Siva first learnt Carnatic music from his mother, Akhila Siva, who was a vocal musician from Carnatic Music College, Chennai. Vijay Siva later learnt music from D. K. Jayaraman and D. K. Pattammal. Vijay Siva is also an accomplished mridangist, and received training from Kumbakonam Rajappa Iyer.


Vijay Siva has performed in all major sabhas all over India and has presented concerts in United States of America, Canada and Singapore.

Titles and Awards

Vijay Siva has received in excess of 100 prizes for both Carnatic music and mridangam, including first Prize for Thevaram, Tiruvachakam and Thiruppugazh in 1974 and the coveted "Rajaji Tamboora" in 1981 from Tamil Isai Sangam, Chennai. He also received first prizes in Classical and Light Classical Music Competitions (1984) which were conducted by AIR. He was awarded titles like "Isai Peroli" (1995) from Karthik Fine Arts, and received the “Youth Award for Excellence” by Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Trust in 1995, and was the first recipient of “Kalki Krishnamurthy Award (1996)” presented by Kalki Krishnamurthy Memorial Trust, Chennai.

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01_Adum Chidambaram
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02_Ananda natana prakAsam kEdAram muthudwAmi dikshithar
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10_Karuna Judu
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12_Nambi Kettavar
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Excellent colllection and thanks a lot ffor your upload.


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