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Sanjay Subrahmanyan (born January 21, 1968) is a Carnatic Music singer from India. He performed in many concerts in India and overseas and has won many awards for his excellence. He believes that listening takes a musician closer to perfection.He is very simple and very open. He is a strong cricket fan.

Early life and background

Sanjay Subrahmanyan was born in Chennai Tamil Nadu, India. He began learning music at the age of seven. Initial training was under V. Lakshminarayana on the violin as well as in vocal music. He later switched to vocal music and was trained by Rukmini Rajagopalan for a period of almost eight years. His skills were further sharpened under Calcutta K.S Krishnamurthy and the training under him led to innovations and blending of tradition and modernity. Sanjay continues to learn from Nadaswaram maestro Semponarkoil SRD Vaidyanathan.


Sanjay teaches music, and has many successful students such as Prashanth Viswanathan, Swarna Rethas, Sandeep Narayan, and Prasanna Venkatraman in the contemporary music field.Sanjay Subrahmanyan has been the subject of documentary film Aaraar aasaippadaar by filmmaker Prasanna Ramaswamy. It opened to rave reviews in November 2006 in Chennai.He has performed with excellence and has enthralled the music loving audiences in Chennai as well as in Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi and other places all over India. He has toured Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, US, Canada, UK, Switzerland and Oman.

  • He received the title "Vani-kala-sudhakara" from Tyaga Brahma Gana Sabha in 2010.
  • Sanjay received the prestigious kalaimamani award from the Tamil Nadu Government for the year 2006.
  • He is an `A Top' Grade artiste of All India Radio, Madras
  • He is the recipient of the Outstanding Junior Musician award from the Annual Conference of the Madras Music Academy.
  • He received the Spirit of Youth Award for Outstanding Performance from Krishna Gana Sabha under its talent promotion scheme.
  • He won first prize in the AIR competition held in 1985.
  • For the period 1987-1988, Sanjay was the recipient of the Maharajapuram Vishwanatha Iyer Trust Scholarship for advanced musical training.
  • He received the Yuva Kala Bharathi title from Bharat Kalachar, Chennai in 1991.
  • He received the "Isai Peroli" title from Karthik Fine arts, Chennai in December 2000.
  • Sanskriti Award from the Sanskriti Prathishthan for performing art in 1997.
  • Sangeetha Kalasarathy title from Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, Chennai in December 2006.
  • Indira Sivasailam Endowment Medal from the Indira Sivasailam Foundation and Music Academy, Chennai on Oct 6th 2011.
  • Sanjay is a Chartered Accountant and a rank-holding Cost Accountant.

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    01_Vathapi Ganapathim :

    01_Vathapi Ganapathim
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    02_Aadiyapaadhathai-Suruti :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    03_Aarrkkum Adangada :

    03_Aarrkkum Adangada
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    04_Brochevarevare-Shriranjani :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    05_Chidambaram_Chenchurutti :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    06_Chitham Irangadha Sahana :

    06_Chitham Irangadha Sahana
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    07_Dikku_teriyAda-Todi :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    08_Eppadi Vizhippom :

    08_Eppadi Vizhippom
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    09_Gaana Murthe-Ganamurthi :

    09_Gaana Murthe-Ganamurthi
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    10_Govardhana :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    11_Kaalai Thookki :

    11_Kaalai Thookki
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    12_Kaana Vendamo :

    12_Kaana Vendamo
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    13_karuNimpa_varna-shahana :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    14_Polla Pul_Mayamalavagaula :

    14_Polla Pul_Mayamalavagaula
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    15_Marukela Ra :

    15_Marukela Ra
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    16_Arivilappittar-Jaganmohini :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    17_Shankaracharyam :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    18_Shobillu Sapataswara :

    18_Shobillu Sapataswara
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    19_Tillai Cidambarame :

    19_Tillai Cidambarame
     Posted on 19/08/2016
    20_Upacharamu-Bhairavi :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    21_vizhikku_thunai :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    22_Sahana(Evari) :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    23_Paramapaavani :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    24_Addutanai-Yadukulakambhoji :

     Posted on 19/08/2016
    25_Admu Deivam_Kamboji :

    25_Admu Deivam_Kamboji
     Posted on 19/08/2016

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