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Rajkumar Bharathi is a noted classical singer and music composer from India. He is the great grandson of the renowned renaissance poet Subramanya Bharathi. Rajkumar is an Electronics and telecommunications engineer graduated from the prestigious College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai. Rajkumar Bharathi a native of Chennai stands today as one of the most popular artists of his generation. He has also got a great following in the Indian state of Karnataka owing to his pleasing style of rendering Dasara Padagalu.

Music training

Rajkumar Bharathi was introduced to music by his mother Lalitha Bharathi at an young age of 5. He was also trained later under the tutelage of some well known classical musicians like Valliyur Gurumurthi, Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna and T. V. Gopalakrishnan. For Rajkumar Bharathi it was but natural to be associated with Music owing to his families keen interest in art and literature. By the instructions of his master T. V. Gopalakrishna, Rajkumar decided to quit his job in an R&D division and devote his time for classical music.


Rajkumar Bharathi has given Classical Carnatic music concerts throughout India and abroad. He has traveled across USA, Canada, U.K. Gulf countries, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.He has many audio cassettes and CDs to his credit. He has also rendered all the 18 chapters of Srimad Bhagavd Gita, in 4 volumes produced by Ramakrishna Math.He was also a member of the Madras Youth Choir, one of the oldest Indian choral groups formed under the aegis of the late music director M. B. Sreenivasan.He has sung in films – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tulu and was the leading Indian singer along with Sharon Rose the widely respected Black American singer in the adventurous venture, the Asian Mafia – a daring interplay between Indian and Pop style singers.Rajkumar conducts workshops every summer for the London based Carnatic music students and has performed Jugalbandi concerts with Ramesh Narayan, Parameshwar Hegde and Sanjeev Abyangar. He has given performance in the prestigious Canadian India Festival to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence, in 1997

Musical Excellence

Music lovers have adored him for his strong attractive style of singing with clear diction and enunciation of lyrics (Sahithya Bhava). Malathi Iyengar a renowned choreographer believes that Rajkumar Bharathi`s sound knowledge, imagination, and aesthetic presentation are sought after by many composers. He is also appreciated for his skill in understanding phrasing (the way the elements of a particular work are interrelated including articulation, melodic construction, and links), harmony (scales, intervals, and chords), and variation (melodic and rhythmic) while composing tunes for dance. He is also known for his creative explorations and improvisations as every composition of his is believed to be distinctive from the other.


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