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Shanmukhapriya and Haripriya, popularly known as the Priya Sisters, are eminent Carnatic music singers.

Early life

They hail originally from Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh.They started learning Carnatic music from their father, Sri V.V.Subbram, at an early age. In order to nurture their musical talent, their father shifted base to Chennai. Later they became the disciples of the renowned duo Radha and Jayalakshmi who were disciples of the legendary G.N.Balasubramaniam. They learnt many nuances and subtleties of music during the five-year tenure under them including the advice that the singing should be so clear that the listener should be able to notate the entire kriti.CareerImproving their repertoire was a major project and learning, a continuous process. Hence they joined Professor T.R.Subramaniam. They learnt many pallavis and kritis from him.Currently, Shanmukhapriya and Haripriya are under the guidance of T. R. Subramaniam.They are part of the trend of duo singing in Carnatic music, which started in the 1950s, with performers like Radha, Jayalakshmi, Soolamangalam Sisters and later continued by Bombay Sisters.

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01_Sri Vatapi Ganapati-Sahana :

01_Sri Vatapi Ganapati-Sahana
 Posted on 19/08/2016
02_Siddhi Vinayakam-Mohanakalyani :

02_Siddhi Vinayakam-Mohanakalyani
 Posted on 19/08/2016
03_Sri Vigna Rajam Bhaje :

03_Sri Vigna Rajam Bhaje
 Posted on 19/08/2016
04_Mamavathu Sri Saraswathi - Hindolam :

04_Mamavathu Sri Saraswathi - Hindolam
 Posted on 19/08/2016
05_Akhilandeshwari :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
06_SriChakraraja :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
07_Saravanabhava - Madhyamavathi :

07_Saravanabhava - Madhyamavathi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
08_Saamaja Varagamana :

08_Saamaja Varagamana
 Posted on 19/08/2016
09_Ninnai Charan-Bharatiyar :

09_Ninnai Charan-Bharatiyar
 Posted on 19/08/2016
10_Karpagame :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
11_Kakkai Sirakinile :

11_Kakkai Sirakinile
 Posted on 19/08/2016
12_Jagadoddarana :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
13_Govinda_Govindayani_Koluvare :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
14_Thaye Yashoda Todi :

14_Thaye Yashoda Todi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
15_Karunai Deivame :

15_Karunai Deivame
 Posted on 19/08/2016
16_Nagumomu - Madhyamavati :

16_Nagumomu - Madhyamavati
 Posted on 19/08/2016
17_Jo Achyutananda :

17_Jo Achyutananda
 Posted on 19/08/2016
18_Enta Nerchina-SudhaDhanyasi :

18_Enta Nerchina-SudhaDhanyasi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
19_Dwaitamu Sukhama-Reethi Goulai :

19_Dwaitamu Sukhama-Reethi Goulai
 Posted on 19/08/2016
20_Namo Narayana - Kapi :

20_Namo Narayana - Kapi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
21_DurmargaChara-Ranjani :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
22_Devi Neeye - Keeravani :

22_Devi Neeye - Keeravani
 Posted on 19/08/2016
23_Deva Deva -Mayamalava Gowla :

23_Deva Deva -Mayamalava Gowla
 Posted on 19/08/2016
24_Chandana-Jayadeva :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
25_Chalada_Maa_Janmamu :

 Posted on 19/08/2016

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