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O.S. Vaidyanathan or Arun, as he is more popularly called, is undoubtedly one of the most gifted Carnatic Musicians in the Country. He is known for his sonorous voice that he wields with much confidence and musical personality and which he employs in tandem with his superior stagemanship.

Arun inherits the mantle of singing from a family where music has been a way of life. Arun was given to Carnatic Music in the Parivar Parampara, and he began his music lessons under the careful ear of his father Vidwan O.V. Subramaniam. Arun later qualified Alankar Purna from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya. He also topped the Sangeetha Shironmani diploma course in Carnatic music conducted by the Faculty of Music and Fine Arts at Delhi University. Known for its vitality, Arun’s Music has combined grace of sound grammar and warmth of feeling. He also has a wide repertoire of songs, which has earned him a keen following.

Arun has performed widely, both in India and abroad. His performances at various festivals include appearances at the India International Centre, the India Habitat Centre, the Vishnu Digambar Festival, the Rasika Ranjani Sabha, Calcutta, the Krishna Gana Sabha, Haridas Sammelan, Mylapore Fine Arts Club, and Kalarasana Chennai, the Badri Kedar Utsav arranged by the UP Cultural Department, ICCR’s Parivar Parampara Series, Sangeet Nrityotsav arranged by the Sangeet Natak Akademi/ICCR, the Sanskriti Festival. London, the World Adelaide Festival, Australia. The International Delima Festival. Mauritius, the 45th Independence Day, Kabul, Afghanistan, the National Centre for Performing Arts, Bombay. He was featured at the Qutub Festival, Delhi. He also performed for the Inited Nations on the occasion of Human Rights Day. His appearance as Kovalan in an Indian Opera staged at the Singapore Art Festival won accolades both by the people and the press.

Arun has several cassette / CD releases of Bhajans / Carnatic music / Fusion Music/ Devotional Music & also sings for Commercial Films and has composed music for Private Cassette recordings, Video films, documentaries, and Ballet Productions. Arun has also established a Choir that he is very proud of. The Choir maintains the pristine grammar of Carnatic Music.

Awards :
December 2000  - Arun Was conferred the title  Brahma Gana Samrat by Brahma Gana Sabha,  Chennai. 
2001 - He was Awarded Best Vocalist award by Music  Academy,Chennai.
2003 - He was Awarded with four awards for the Sub-Senior Vocalist awards by the Music Academy, Chennai.        - Arun was conferred the tile  "Bhava Sangeetha Vasigara" by Swamy Shantanandha, Founder President, Temple of Fine Arts International.

2005 - "Madhura Ghana Sironmani” by the Canberra Vanoli Thenasia Sevai & ATBC, Canberra, Australia
2006 - Swara Raaga Saarangyar by the Panchamukha Anjaneya Trust, Chennai
2006 - Kalaimamani by the Tamil Nadu Government, given by The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr J. Jayalalitha
2006 - Madhura Gana Siromai by Shri Prakash Cultural Heritage Research Centre Chennai.
2006 - NCA Excellance 2006, and Gold Medal, award by Nugambakkam Cultural Academy Trust Chennai.
2007 - Senior Vocalist award and  Gold Medal, for Best Pallavi Singing. by the Music Academy, Chennai.

Arun's remarkable control over the music idiom and his astounding range of music in performances have often proved the remarkable ability of this artist to infuse traditional compositions with new vocal vigour, and the impact has always been one of inordinate vocal power which was always married to grace.

Contact :

No. 72/1, 5H- Sanjivini Apartments,
2nd Block, 5th Floor, (Opp Thyagaraja Theater)
L.B. Road, Thiruvanmiyur,
Chennai-600 041
Ph: 24425469, 42120883


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