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Uma Radhika popularly known as "Chinmaya Sisters" are disciples of Madurai Sri. T.N.Seshagopalan and Neyveli Sri R.Santhanagopalan.

Blessed with sweet and mellifluous voice that sound almost as one,Uma and Radhika's talent in music was identified at a very early age by their parents Sri.R.Natesan & Smt.Bhavani Natesan, who took on themselfves the task of showing them the right direction. thus begun their musical tutelage under Neyveli Sri.R.Santhanagopalan.

They come from a family of argent devotees of Swami Chinmayananda. Having received his blessings they have been named Chinmaya sisters by their Guru Neyveli Sri.R.Santhanagopalan. They recall with pride meeting Swami Chinmanyananda and seeking his blessing to begin their musical journey as "Chinmaya Sisters".

They where brought up in Mulund, Mumbai and lived there for nearly 17 years. They were the most sought after singers in their school and have won several prizes in competitions conducted by schools and sabhas. To name a few,

Prizes from prestigious Sabhas like :

  • Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha
  • Mulund Fine Arts Society
  • Tamil Isai Sangam
  • Bharatiya Music & Arts Society.

Awards & Titles :
  • Recipient of MS Subbulakshmi Endowment Award from Narada Gana Sabha in 2009.
  • Recipient of the title "Yuva Kala Bharathi" from Bharath kalachar in 2006.
  • Recipient of the A.M.Venugopal Award from Kalakriti, Chennai
  • Recipient of the title "Vedavyasa Kala Seva Ratna" from the veda Vyasa Tapovanam, chennai in 2009.
  • Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Memorial prize from the music Academy in 2003.
  • Award from the Indian Fine Arts Society for best rendition of kritis in 2001.
  • Award from the Music Academy endowed by CMANA, New Jersey for their concert in 1999.
  • Best Vocalist Award from the Indian Fine Arts Society for their concert in 1997.

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01 Enna Thavam_ Kapi :

01 Enna Thavam_ Kapi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
02_Sri Saraswathi :

02_Sri Saraswathi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
03 Devi Neeye Thunai_Keeravani :

03 Devi Neeye Thunai_Keeravani
 Posted on 19/08/2016
04_Swagatham Krishna_Mohanam :

04_Swagatham Krishna_Mohanam
 Posted on 19/08/2016
05_Bhavayami Gopala :

05_Bhavayami Gopala
 Posted on 19/08/2016
06_Amba Janani Ninnuvina :

06_Amba Janani Ninnuvina
 Posted on 19/08/2016
07 Kannanai Panimaname_ Shanmugapriya :

07 Kannanai Panimaname_ Shanmugapriya
 Posted on 19/08/2016
08_Bruhi Mukundeth :

08_Bruhi Mukundeth
 Posted on 19/08/2016
09_Karunai Deivame :

09_Karunai Deivame
 Posted on 19/08/2016
10 Bhagyatha_Sree :

10 Bhagyatha_Sree
 Posted on 19/08/2016
11 Srichakraraja :

11 Srichakraraja
 Posted on 19/08/2016
12_Annapoonr Visalakshi :

12_Annapoonr Visalakshi
 Posted on 19/08/2016
13 Hey Govinda :

13 Hey Govinda
 Posted on 19/08/2016
14_Bhajare Gopalam :

14_Bhajare Gopalam
 Posted on 19/08/2016
15_Himagiri Thanaye :

15_Himagiri Thanaye
 Posted on 19/08/2016
16 Kalyana Gopalam :

16 Kalyana Gopalam
 Posted on 19/08/2016
17 Pahimam Sri_Janaranjan :

17 Pahimam Sri_Janaranjan
 Posted on 19/08/2016
18_Paal Vadiyum Un Mugham :

18_Paal Vadiyum Un Mugham
 Posted on 19/08/2016
19 Bajare Gopalam :

19 Bajare Gopalam
 Posted on 19/08/2016
20 Madhura Madhura_ Atana :

20 Madhura Madhura_ Atana
 Posted on 19/08/2016
21_thiruppugazh :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
22_Samagana priye :

22_Samagana priye
 Posted on 19/08/2016
23_smaravaram-jog-sadasivabrahmendrar :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
24_Jagadhoddarana :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
25 Mamavathu Sri_ Hindolam :

25 Mamavathu Sri_ Hindolam
 Posted on 19/08/2016

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