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Abhishek Raghuram (born September 26, 1985) is an Indian carnatic vocalist.


Abhishek Raghuram, a child prodigy who hails from a family that brims with legendary musicians, has flowered into a high caliber artist with rare talent. Through the unique guidance of his grandfather, the mridangam legend, Sri Palghat Raghu and as a disciple of Vidwan Sri.P.S.Narayanaswamy, Abhishek has gained a deep insight into the intricacies of music.

At the age of 7, Abhishek was awarded the 'Gold Medal for Mridangam' in the Mazhalai Medhai Contest (An all India contest organized by the Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan to spot talents in various fields). In 1996, He also won 1st place in the Pallavi singing competition organized by S.Balachander Trust - Madras.

He has been a performing vocal artist since 1994, when he gave his 1st performance at the age of 9 under the auspices of the Percussive Arts Centre, in Bangalore. Since then he has performed all over India for various organizations in the country, and gave his first international concert tour in America in 1999 with his grandfather, Palghat Raghu. A second successful concert tour of America and Canada took place in 2008.

Abhishek was also attracted by the intricacies of rhythm right from an early age. With a rare combination of Sri.Palghat Raghu as his mridangam guru, and Sri. Harishankar as his kanjira guru, Abhishek has had the best of learning in every way. He has had the privilege of playing Kanjira with mridangam maestros Palghat Raghu, Dr.T.K.Murthy, Umayalpuram Sivaraman and the like.

Abhishek has created a new genre in the field of vocal music, combining virtuosity, aesthetics and intellect in equal proportion. His music has been called 'food for the intellect, mind, heart and soul.' The specialty and uniqueness of his style emerges from his efforts taken to not mime any pre-existing gharanas. Since he largely comes from a greatly musical family, he could very well be on his way to creating a new Gharana, something that could have a big impact in the Indian music world.

In 2003 Abhishek played the lead-role in a stage production titled Isai Vyabaram, and was awarded the Gold Medal instituted by Sri R.K. Narayanan's family, for creative artistic talent. He was also the winner of the 'Rolling Shield for Creative Artistic Talent' instituted by Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan in the same year.

Abhishek has released several albums. His recent albums Makarandam and Ecstacy in Annamayya for Home Records have been sensationally well received. He has also composed many Thillanas that have been raved about by frontline artistes.

Abhishek has completed his B.S in mathematics.


Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar 2013

Free Download collection of   Abhishek Raghuram
01-Appalam-ittu-paaru :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
02-Ithuthano-Thillai :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
03-Saranagathi-Un-Para-Naan :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
04-Nee-dhaya-Radha :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
05-Maa-kelara-Ravichandrika-Adi :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
06-Hari-Guna-Gavat-Dipali-Adi :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
07-Gana-Sudha-Rasa :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
08-Deva-sri-Thapasi-tha-puranivasa :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
09-Kandan-Seyal-andro-lalgudi :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
10-Neendan-Kamala-Raag-Shanmugapriya :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
11-Naan-Oru-Vilayatu-Bommayaa-Navarasa-Kannada-Papanasam-Sivan :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
12-Shree-Parvati-Parameshwarou :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
13-Muddugare-Yashoda :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
14-Ka-Va-Va :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
15-Thamadam-Thagathaya-Dayapara-murgaiya :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
16-Thunga-Theera-Virajam :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
17-Ri-Ri-Swrooditam :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
18-Brochevarevarura :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
19-Karunanidhiye-Thaye :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
20-Thillanaa :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
21-Palukavemina-PoornaChandrika :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
22_Devagandhari. :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
23-Marivere-Dikkevvaru :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
24-Sivakama-Sundari :

 Posted on 19/08/2016
25-Evarani :

 Posted on 19/08/2016

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