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Comment by : Venkat Narayanan, Bangalore
Comment on : Mar 19 2017 9:52AM

Sadasiva Brahmendral Krithi

Comment by : Venkat Narayanan, Bangalore
Comment on : Mar 19 2017 9:51AM

bruhi mukundEti - kuranji - Adi

P bruhi mukundEti rasanE bruhi mukundEti || Oh my tongue,chant the name of Mukunda.
C 1 kESava mAdhava gOvindEti
krishnAnanta sadAnandEti ||
Chant the names of Kesava, Madhava, Govinda and Krishna the names that bestow eternal happiness.
C 2 rAdhA ramaNa harE ramEti
rAjivAksha ghana syAmEti ||
He is the lord of Radha. He is Hari who delights all. He is lotus-eyed with the complexion of dark cloud.
C 3 garuDa gamana nandaka hastEti
khanDita daSa khandara mastEti||
He moves on Garuda bird. He wields a weapon called "Nandaka" in his hand. As Rama he destroyed the ten-headed Ravana.
C 4 akrura priya chakra dharEti
hamsa niranjana kamsa harEti ||
He is dear to Akrura. He holds the discus. He is serene yogi. He annihilated the demon Kamsa.

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