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Sri.Vinayachandra Menon Bhagavathar was born and bought up in Trivandrum. His father C P Raman Menon worked as a professor. Mother Padmini R Menon., He studied his graduates college of Engineering, Trivandrum. He is also working in Mindtree Ltd., Bangalore. He is married to Suchithra V Menon and has two children Harishankar and Sreelakshmi.

Vinayachandra Menon Bhagavathar, a renowned exponent of sampradhaya Bhajan, with a rare distinction of being a disciple of the legendary Bhajan artists Sri. Vaidyanathan Bhagavathar. He is a repository of Bhajan songs and one among the very few who is accredited with an in depth knowledge in rendering a complete form of Sampradaya Bhajans.

Vinay bhagavathar really did a marvelous deliberation on various aspects of Sampradaya Bhajana, the essence, importance accrued uses of nama sankeerthanam.

He has been honoured with as the ‘Asthana Vidwan’ of Sri Kanchi Kama koti Peetam.

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01_Harinarayana :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
02_Dhyana Slokas :

02_Dhyana Slokas
 Posted on 23/08/2016
03_Thodaya Mangalam :

03_Thodaya Mangalam
 Posted on 23/08/2016
04-Sree Guru Omkaara :

04-Sree Guru Omkaara
 Posted on 23/08/2016
05-Dakshinaamoorthey :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
06-Sharanam Sharanam Sharanam :

06-Sharanam Sharanam Sharanam
 Posted on 23/08/2016
07_Vizhi Kidaikkuma_Om Gurunath :

07_Vizhi Kidaikkuma_Om Gurunath
 Posted on 23/08/2016
08-Guru Moulimhaney :

08-Guru Moulimhaney
 Posted on 23/08/2016
09-Sadguruvaanchonee :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
10_Bhajare He Maanasa :

10_Bhajare He Maanasa
 Posted on 23/08/2016
11-Padmaavathee Ramanam :

11-Padmaavathee Ramanam
 Posted on 23/08/2016
12_Thava Seela Satgurunatha :

12_Thava Seela Satgurunatha
 Posted on 23/08/2016
13-Datthaathreya :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
14_Gurudhyayee_Om Gurunatha Gopalakrishna :

14_Gurudhyayee_Om Gurunatha Gopalakrishna
 Posted on 23/08/2016
15-Haa Parama Sanaathana :

15-Haa Parama Sanaathana
 Posted on 23/08/2016
16-Guru Purandara Daasarey :

16-Guru Purandara Daasarey
 Posted on 23/08/2016
17-Sadguruney Maajhe :

17-Sadguruney Maajhe
 Posted on 23/08/2016
18-Nee Paada Darshanamu :

18-Nee Paada Darshanamu
 Posted on 23/08/2016
19-Vishwassya Daathaa :

19-Vishwassya Daathaa
 Posted on 23/08/2016
20-Santha Padaachee Jod :

20-Santha Padaachee Jod
 Posted on 23/08/2016
21_Harimukhe mana :

21_Harimukhe mana
 Posted on 23/08/2016
22-Aalayam Arul Aalayam :

22-Aalayam Arul Aalayam
 Posted on 23/08/2016
23_Om gurunath Sad Gurunath :

23_Om gurunath Sad Gurunath
 Posted on 23/08/2016
24-Chandrasekharam Pranamaamyaham :

24-Chandrasekharam Pranamaamyaham
 Posted on 23/08/2016
25_Amba Mandahasavadhani :

25_Amba Mandahasavadhani
 Posted on 23/08/2016

Comment by : soumya, edison
Comment on : Aug 23 2015 1:26AM

Oru Neram Engilum - Sahana Ragam - Sri Vinaya Chandra Menon @ Trichur Bhajanotsavam 2010

Comment by : soumya, edison
Comment on : Aug 23 2015 1:40AM

Mudhara Thumisantha  - Vinayachandra Menon..... @ bhajanothsavam Thrissur.

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