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Your first thought on listening to Udayalur K. Kalyanarama Bhagavathar sing would be that this is one vocalist who ought to grace the ranks of present day frontline Carnatic musicians. Then you realise that in following his heart and pledging allegiance to the Bhajana Sampradaya, the artiste has made the perfect choice as this genre provides the most complete opportunity for his passionate no-holds-barred exploration of bhava through both sahitya and melody, unfettered by the more formal demands of a kutcheri.

One of the vocalist’s prime strengths is his instinctive understanding of gamakas and their myriad nuances, whether in the definitive pidis of rakthi ragas or the flowing graces of light melodies. Add to that a full-throated resonant voice that effortlessly navigates crests and troughs at will along with a clear enunciation of sahitya and you have music that is as mesmerising as it is uplifting. Udayalur Kalyanaraman, is committed to the old tradition - Prachina Sangitam.From both his parent's families he can boast of distinguished artists like Puthagaram Ayyaswamy Bhagavatar and Valkudi Santhana Bhagavatar. He grew up under the influential guidance of a famous musician of his time, Tiruvidaimarudur Venkatrama Bhagavatar. In Udayalur which is a stone's throw away from Patteswaram, the young Kalyanaraman, cycled home from school hurriedly, to join the Bhajana group wherever they were performing. He learnt by listening and observation. He also went to every village in the surrounding district, and assimilated the culture of devotion which was kept vibrant by patrons and temples as well as "Maths". Kalyanaraman is no less evocative and sincere in namasankirtanam. He is precise about the traditional system, technique, and content of the music. Above all he imparts "soul" to his music with an abandon rarely heard. Every raga is used to bring out the beauty of the perfectly pronounced lyrics. His husky voice has a quality that is magnetic. You never tire of hearing him. The nuances are well practised, yet sound spontaneous.

Udaiyalur K. Kalyanaraman Bhagwathar is a contemporary stalwart in DAKSHINA BHARTIYA BHAJANA SAMPRADAYA. He has also been a part of guru- shishya parampara, he learnt the basics of bhajana from his guru shri.Venkatarama Bhagvathar, who was a blind man with a lot of imagination in his singing. Udayalur bhagvathar has leant this sampradayas by attending various bhajans in his childhood with his guru. Udayalur bhagvathar has revived the almost forgotten essence of DAKSHINA BHAJANA SAMPRADAYA. His majestic husky voice attracts his listeners like none other. He is not only famous in INDIA, but, also has travelled to places like AMERICA, SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, ABU- DHABI etc. He has an excellent accompanying artists team with him which comprising of Sethalapati Balasubramainium on Vocal support, Picchumani bhagvathar on the same, Babu Rajashekar on Mridangam & Rajesh on Harmonium. Udayalur Bhagvathar has released various cassettes & CDs by the grace of KANCHI MAHASWAMI - SRI. CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATI. Currently bhagvathar has released CDs containing songs which can be easily learnt by children. Bhagvathar is also running a trust called BHAGVATHA SEVA TRUST which supports a number of other bhagavatha families who have spent their life in propagating sampradaya bhajan. This trust is ably supporting the bhagvathas by the generous contributions made by individuals & famous institutions of arts & academy.

Free Download collection of   Udayalur K. Kalyanarama Bhagavathar
Thodamangalam and Guru Namavali :


 Posted on 24/08/2016
02-Thodamangalam-Part-1 :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
03-Thodamangalam-Part-2 :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
04-Thodamangalam-Part-3 :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
05-sri-Dhashinamurthim :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
06-Yes-Yes-Marana :

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016

 Posted on 24/08/2016
Sampradaya Astapadi :


 Posted on 24/08/2016
02-Yeth-Gopi-Asthapathi-Dyanam-Slogam :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
03_Namavali - Vanamali Radha ramana :

03_Namavali - Vanamali Radha ramana
 Posted on 24/08/2016
04_Astapathi 1 - PRALAYAPAYODIJALE - Sowrashtram :

04_Astapathi 1 - PRALAYAPAYODIJALE - Sowrashtram
 Posted on 24/08/2016
05_Namavali - Sundaragopalam :

05_Namavali - Sundaragopalam
 Posted on 24/08/2016
06_Ashtapathi 2 - SHRUTHA KAMALA -Bhairavi :

06_Ashtapathi 2 - SHRUTHA KAMALA -Bhairavi
 Posted on 24/08/2016
07_Ashtapathi 3 - LALITHA LAVANGA - vasantha :

07_Ashtapathi 3 - LALITHA LAVANGA - vasantha
 Posted on 24/08/2016

Comment by : Geetha
Comment on : Aug 10 2017 10:43PM

I am unable to download the bhajans of udayalur. Can anyone help me?

Comment by : D JAYARAM, coimbatore
Comment on : Dec 12 2016 1:11AM

Radhey Krishna. Vry nice colllection of Dr, Bhagavathar songs. Wld request you to completely upload all his collection, It is worth listening million times


Comment by : Sivaramakrishnan, Chennai
Comment on : Feb 19 2017 6:52AM


It is good to have mass download options like below.

1) Bulk download of all songs
2) Multiple selection to download songs


Comment by : Balu
Comment on : Jul 27 2016 7:53PM

Saakshaat Bhajana - Amrutham! Thank you for sharing this divine soul''s voice.

Comment by : Anandhi
Comment on : Mar 6 2017 11:55AM

Radha krishnan. Excellent bhajan songs .pls upload Dr. Udayalur kalyanarama bhagavadhar all of his collections for free download. Add some more pages.

Comment by : Gopal k
Comment on : Mar 6 2017 12:23PM

Thanks a million for your service.

Radhey Krishna

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