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Sri S K S Shenkottai Harihara Subramanian Bhagavathar, Disciple of Sethalapathy Soundaram Bhagavathar and Sreemushnam Rajarao, Hariharasubramanian presents a concert that is marked by enthusiasm and exuberance. He seems to have a strong affinity towards Sampradaya bhajans. Shenkottai Hariharasubramanian's enthusiasm imbues his concert a special charm.

Shenkottai Hariharasubramanian is a Bhagavatha who is well-versed in the Hindu scriptural texts and has understood and adheres to the dictates of the sampradaaya bhajan and paddhathi krama. He scrupulously observes the nithyakarmaanushtanams, unchavruthy, bhajans, dolothsavam etc. Sri Hari Subramanian who hails from from a very traditional Indian music family, has devoted his entire life in learning sampradaaya bhajans from an eminent music maestro. He had his initial training in music (vocal) for about ten years under the Late Guru Sri. Parameswara Bhagavathar, a veteran musicologist. He underwent further extensive training for three years under Sri Srimushnam V. Rajarao, a vocal and miruthangam exponent and Smt. Padma Chandilyan, a renowned musician of Chennai. Sri Hari Subramaniam is an extremely talented musician even at this very young age. If devotional singing and bhajans were not his primary mission, he could very well have become top notch professional concert singer of Carnatic music. It is indeed a great blessing for the traditional (sampradaya) bhajan and devotional music world that Sri Hari Subramaniam chose to dedicate his prodigious talent to bhakti and bhajans. When such extraordinary talent and utter devotion combine, it becomes an out-of-the-world experience for the devotees.

His Email-id is ; Ph: 94862 39833, 094479 60736

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01-Bajanakaro :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
02-Vedaswaroopa_adi_shankara :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
03_Jaya_jaya_shankara_Sathguru :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
04-Bajamanasa_Vignaeshwara :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
05-SiddiVinayaka_Namo_Namo :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
06-Sarasija_Bhava_Ramani :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
07_Saraswathi :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
08-Aykudi_Balan_Balagan_Shanmugan_Dayabaran :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
09-Palani :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
10-Eppo_varu_varo :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
11-Sivaya_parameshwaraya :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
12-Kalayada_Kalviyum_Abirami_anthathi :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
13-Thaya_Arul_purivai :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
14_Gurudhyayee :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
15_Haribhaktha Sanga :

15_Haribhaktha Sanga
 Posted on 23/08/2016
16_Irakkam Varamal :

16_Irakkam Varamal
 Posted on 23/08/2016
17_Pibhare Ramarasam & Ragava Sundara...Namavali :

17_Pibhare Ramarasam & Ragava Sundara...Namavali
 Posted on 23/08/2016
18_Radhegovinda :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
19_Aadathu_Aasangathu_Madhyamavati :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
20_Swagatham Krishna :

20_Swagatham Krishna
 Posted on 23/08/2016
21_Mangalam :

 Posted on 23/08/2016

Comment by : Praveen kumar, New castle
Comment on : Feb 6 2017 10:46AM

Great Website Nice to have his songs but can you please upload Ayyappa bajans of shenkottai hari subramanyam.

Comment by : nalini , KALPAKKAM
Comment on : Jan 6 2017 2:56AM

It is a super website I enjoy whenever possible listening to music

Comment by : balakrishnan subramani, chennai
Comment on : May 23 2017 10:04PM

Dear sir

Thanks for this Devine  treasure Of Sri Hari subramanians bhajan this inspire us the bhakthi, fullfilling the soul with God
May God bless u, and sri Hari

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