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Sri. AVK RAJASIMMHAN hails from Angarai Village, Lalgudi Taluk, Tiruchi district from a traditional Samprdaya Bhajan family. He is into Samprdaya Bhajan from the age of seven. Started learning Carnatic music from the age of ten. Learnt thoroughly for more than a decade. Won many prizes and awards from childhood. After graduating in commerce, underwent article ship for chartered accountancy. Worked for Godrej group for about fifteen years in logistics in Rajasthan, Delhi, UP and Chennai. He has worked as a professor in Music Academy under the directorship of Padmavibhushan, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Umayalpuram Sri. K. Sivaraman under his school Sri Tanjore Mahavaidhyanatha Iyer school for percussions for more than seven years.

Concerts & Bhajans :

Sri. AVK Performed a number of concerts, Sampradaya Bhajans and conducted music classes across India and abroad( Dubai, Abu Dhabi, U S A, and Tanzania).He is a graded artiste at All India Radio, Chennai (B High)and continuing to perform concerts, Samprdaya Bhajan and music classes in person and internet. Given vocal support for the Music directed by by Mellisai Mannar, Sri M.S. Viswanathan for the dance ballet "KURALOVIAM” produced and directed by Dr. Sindhoori, USA.

  • BHAGAVATHA THILAKAM -  conferred by Sri Jayakrishna Dikshithar of Kumbakonam, Tanjore Dist.
    • NAMASANKEERTHANA KALANIDHI - by Vishnupuram Brahmana Samudayam, Vishnupuram,Nagerkoil
    • BHAGAVATHA SIROMANI -  by H.H.Swami Namanandha Giri of Gnanananda Seva Samajam and Bhagavatha Sammelana Samajam, Chennai Chapter, South India.

    Prizes Won

    1. Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi (1990)

    2. All India Radio, Delhi (1976)

    3. Delhi Music Club (1976)

    4. Sangeetayan, Delhi (1973)

    5. Nehru Bal Samiti, Delhi (1970)

    Contact :

    Flat No. E, Block No. D-95
    Sowbhagya Colony,
    Ashok Pillar Road,
    K.K. Nagar,
    Chennai 600 078, India

    Home: (+91) 44-4355-6793
    Mobile: (+91) 94442-75141

    e-mail-1: avkrajasimmhan@gmail.com
    e-mail-2: avkrajasimmhan@yahoo.com

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    03_Sarajitha_Bava_ramani_ Saradha_Saradha_ venna_ vani :

    03_Sarajitha_Bava_ramani_ Saradha_Saradha_ venna_ vani
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    11_Prakalatha_karana_narashimha :

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    19_Jai Jai Ramkrishnahari :

    19_Jai Jai Ramkrishnahari
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    20_Sathguru ne maje
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    21_Venkata Ramana
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    22_Baro Murare
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    23_Sharanagatha Vathsala
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    24_Deva Bandha :

    24_Deva Bandha
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    25_Vadana Suhasya :

    25_Vadana Suhasya
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