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Shri Manjapra Mohan hails from Manjapra; a small village in Palakkad, Kerala and belongs to a family of musicians. His paternal uncle is none other than late Padmashree M.D. Ramanathan, a great Carnatic exponent who had a unique style of rendering and approach to Carnatic music. In the year 1990 he along with a handful of music enthusiasts formed the Shri Guruvayurappan BhaktaBhajan Sangam.

Sri Manjapra Mohan has taken Sampradaya Bhajan to great heights over the past 20 years in almost all places in India and abroad including UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Switzerland, France, Germany and Canada.

Many temples and organizations have known to have his Bhajan year after year. Since 2000 the Ayyappa Puja Sangam of Coimbatore continues to have him bring in the New Year with the singing of the glories of the Lord. He has been an active participant in the Palakkad Kalpathi Bhajanotsavam held every year in the first week of August. Similarly, the Kumbakonam Bhajanotsavam has consistently staged his Namasankeerthanam for their annual event.

His programmes are not restricted to India alone. He has been performing in the Middle East every year either to conduct Namasankirtan or specially invited to be a part of the Sastha Preethi. His renderings of Lord Ayyappa will build an atmosphere of total divinity. It is said that the easiest way of attaining moksha is singing the praise of the Lord, in chorus.

Awards and Titles

• In the year 2000 Namasankeertana trust, Dombvli, Mumbai convened by former election commissioner Sri T.N. Seshan recognized his contributions towards Namasankirtan. Sri Manjapra Mohan’s trip to Canada and Europe increased his popularity and he in turn brought more people along the path of devotion. He was recognized by the Toronto Ayyappa Temple and also by the Sidhi Vinayagar Aalayam of Switzerland. 

• In the year 2003, he was awarded the title of "Bhajana Gandharvan” by the Hindu tradition and culture, Coimbatore.

• He has been felicitated by Nallepilly Narayanalayam trust in 2006 and awarded the title as "Namapracharaka Ratna.”

• He was awarded "Bhajan Samrat” by the Sabari Trust, of Bangalore in the year 2007. 

• In the month of July 2010 he has been awarded by the Sukritham Association of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), as "Bhajana Ratna of 2010”. On the occasion of the 75th birthday celebrations of Kanchi Periyaval Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal, Shri Manjapra Mohan was invited to sing bhajans and received the blessings from Periyaval.

• Manjapra Mohan was conferred the title of "Bhajana Ratnakara Chakravarthy" by His Holiness "SriJayendra Saraswathi Swamigal” in a glittering function at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha Chennai on 26/09/2010 alongwith other great vidwans like Umayalpuram Sivaraman, T K Govind Rao, Manakal Raganathan...

• In the month of January 2011 he has been blessed by "Bhagavatha Hamsam Brahmasri Malliyoor Sankaran Namboothiri” On the occasion of his birthday celebrations at Malliyoor Vinayaka Temple – Kottyam awarded the tittle of "Namasankeerthana Visharadhan.” 

• Received an award from Paarijatham Charitable Trust – Vadavalli Coimbatore, the tittle of "Rasika Jana Priya” on 01 September 2011, Vinayaka Chadhurthi Day.

Manjapra Mohan has brought Namasankeertanam to great heights with the following from hundreds of devotees. He is truly blessed and will continue to bring joy and happiness through his divine bhajans.

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01-Panduranga vittale :

01-Panduranga vittale
 Posted on 24/08/2016
02-Hari Narayana :

02-Hari Narayana
 Posted on 24/08/2016
03-Sree Guru Bothendram :

03-Sree Guru Bothendram
 Posted on 24/08/2016
04-Pachai mayil vaganane :

04-Pachai mayil vaganane
 Posted on 24/08/2016
05-Velava Velava :

05-Velava Velava
 Posted on 24/08/2016
06-Aavinamgudi :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
07-Thedivantharul :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
08-Pachabootha Natha :

08-Pachabootha Natha
 Posted on 24/08/2016
10-vittomaacha :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
11-Gajamugane :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
12-Mayi Peeli _ Vanamali vasudeva :

12-Mayi Peeli _ Vanamali vasudeva
 Posted on 24/08/2016
13-Neeraja Dala nayana :

13-Neeraja Dala nayana
 Posted on 24/08/2016
14-Thandava Nritya hari :

14-Thandava Nritya hari
 Posted on 24/08/2016
15-Krishna Murali :

15-Krishna Murali
 Posted on 24/08/2016
16-Neelamegha :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
17-Sadguruvaam Chonni :

17-Sadguruvaam Chonni
 Posted on 24/08/2016
18-Trividha Thapasi :

18-Trividha Thapasi
 Posted on 24/08/2016
19-Bajare Guru :

19-Bajare Guru
 Posted on 24/08/2016
19-Enna punniyam :

19-Enna punniyam
 Posted on 24/08/2016
20-Gurudhayee :

 Posted on 24/08/2016
21-Pazhani Andavar :

21-Pazhani Andavar
 Posted on 24/08/2016
22-Divya malai :

22-Divya malai
 Posted on 24/08/2016
23-Swamin Ghajamugha :

23-Swamin Ghajamugha
 Posted on 24/08/2016
24-Udhara THumee :

24-Udhara THumee
 Posted on 24/08/2016
25-Valli kanavan :

25-Valli kanavan
 Posted on 24/08/2016

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