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Haridhos Giri affectionately called Guruji was born in the month of Margazhi in the tamil calendar with the birth star of Utharattathi. He was born in town of Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India.Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi says that for one who wants to go into sainthood, one has to go through several stages. But one who is born in this sacred Kshethram is a born saint. He needs no other qualifications to enter sainthood. He was named Hari, true to his spreading the Hari ­Namasankirthan cult.

His father, Sri Nott Annaji Rao, was an ardent Bhagavatha and a devotee of Swami Gnanananda Giri. His mother was very pious soul. They belonged to a royal heritage but the princely life with wealth and pleasure had no charm for Guruji in his younger days. He too, like so may great saints, lived an ordinary life of a human being in this mundane world but his urge was taking him away from all these pleasures and pain-ridden life. Even while he was youth he was attracted to Namasankirthanam, the inspiration emanating from his father.

In 1954, One day when Guruji was sitting on top of a hill enjoying the nature around him, Guruji saw a small fire about 200 yards away, he asked some of his workers at the tea plantation, where Guruji was working at that time to check it out. The workers went down the hill to check and told Guruji that they could not see any fire around that area. For one week Guruji saw that fire. Then one night Guruji heard a knocking at his door, as Guruji opened the door, Guruji again saw the fire there and suddenly it disappeared and His Master appeared before him. The Master told Guruji that his place is not here and that Guruji is for the world.

The next day Guruji told his boss about the fire and the appearance of His Master. His boss said that it is only an illusion and gave him 15 days leave. Guruji went back to Madras see his father Sri Nott Annaji Rao, who took him to see a saint in a temple outside the city. When Guruji saw him again, Guruji burst out crying. He was the Master that appeared from the fire. The Master told Guruji’s father that Guruji is the reincarnation of love and affec­tion and he wanted to adopt him as his son. Guruji was then sent to a cave in the Himalayas to do penance. For three years and half years he mediated without water and food. Then the vision of His Master appeared before him asking Guruji to come back to his Master. In six months, Guruji walked from the Himalayas to Madras.

Guruji entire personality became aware at once that his innate urge could thus be fulfilled at the lotus feet of his Master, the light of Thapovanam, Sri Gnanananda Giri Swamigal. Guruji became the favourite Chela of Swami Gnanananda Giri the moment Guruji touched Thapovanam. Spontaneous was the surrender too. The dawn of a Guru-Shisya­Bhave life thus started.

Swami Gnanananda decided the very moment that Guruji must be to the world people. Swami Gnanananda also decided that the Knowledge and Happiness should be spread around the world and the only disciple who can spread this knowledge is Guruji.

After many trials and tests on this selected Chela, Swami Gnanananda Giri appointed Swami Haridhos Giri (Guruji) and told him to spread and sing in the praise of the Lord ­known as Nama Sankirthanam, as the only pathway to salvation. Swami Gnanananda Giri gave Guruji His Paduka, blessed him with the hidden treasures of our great scriptures and commanded him to undertake a life of renunciation and the mission of spreading the great cult of Namasankirthanam with a musical discourses on saints and sages who had tread this soil in a similar manner.

Guruji preaches the truth, Guruji preaches happiness, Guruji preaches spiritualism through mediation, penance, yoga, praying and singing. "But to attain the happiness, the wish you desire, you must have a staunch belief in me, and what you are doing. Without belief, nothing will work” said Guruji.

The Namasankirthanam movement piloted by Swami Haridhos Giri adopted the sign of two fingers "V”. The two fingers represent symbolically "Radhe Krishna”.Differences of caste and creed, race and religion, means nothing to him. He sees no distinction between rich and poor, friend and foe

He traveled all over the world including Singapore, Malaysia and other countries to spread Namasankeerthanam as he was instructed by his guru Gnanananda Giri. He has thousands of devotees followers all over the world.

He attained Jala samadhi at Koteswar, its around 3 km north of Rudraprayag/Himalayas in the year 1994. There is a Hindu temple dedicated to Koteswar Mahadev in Koteswar. Namananda Giri, Principal Disciple of Haridhos Giri built Bhajan Platform in memory of Swami Haridhos Giri and dedicated to him.

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01_Gurudhyanam :

 Posted on 03/09/2016
02_Gurudhayanam Namavali :

02_Gurudhayanam Namavali
 Posted on 03/09/2016
03_Gnananda_Gurum_Bhaje :

 Posted on 03/09/2016
04_Athade parabrahmam :

04_Athade parabrahmam
 Posted on 03/09/2016
05_Kalyana Ashtapathi_slogam :

05_Kalyana Ashtapathi_slogam
 Posted on 03/09/2016
06_Kalyana Ashtapathi :

06_Kalyana Ashtapathi
 Posted on 03/09/2016
07_Gowri Kalyana :

07_Gowri Kalyana
 Posted on 03/09/2016
08_Gurumurthy Paadamule :

08_Gurumurthy Paadamule
 Posted on 03/09/2016
09 Pahimaam Gopala :

09 Pahimaam Gopala
 Posted on 03/09/2016
10 Bhajare manasa Bodheda :

10 Bhajare manasa Bodheda
 Posted on 03/09/2016
11 Sathguruvanchoni :

11 Sathguruvanchoni
 Posted on 03/09/2016
12 Krishna Krishna :

12 Krishna Krishna
 Posted on 03/09/2016
13 Sri jayadava Ashtapathi :

13 Sri jayadava Ashtapathi
 Posted on 03/09/2016
14 Sri Narayana theerthar :

14 Sri Narayana theerthar
 Posted on 03/09/2016
15 Suvvi Suvvi :

15 Suvvi Suvvi
 Posted on 03/09/2016
16 Annada narthanam :

16 Annada narthanam
 Posted on 03/09/2016
17 Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasar :

17 Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasar
 Posted on 03/09/2016
18 Lalithalavanga Ashtapathi :

18 Lalithalavanga Ashtapathi
 Posted on 03/09/2016
19 Saint Kabir Das :

19 Saint Kabir Das
 Posted on 03/09/2016
20 Choornikai :

20 Choornikai
 Posted on 03/09/2016
21 Sri Purandhara Dasar :

21 Sri Purandhara Dasar
 Posted on 03/09/2016
22 Sri Sadasiva Brahmendar :

22 Sri Sadasiva Brahmendar
 Posted on 03/09/2016
23 Thalamdu Shobhanam :

23 Thalamdu Shobhanam
 Posted on 03/09/2016
24 Aasirvaadham :

24 Aasirvaadham
 Posted on 03/09/2016
25 Sri gopala Krishna Bharathi :

25 Sri gopala Krishna Bharathi
 Posted on 03/09/2016

Comment by : Rajeswari, chennai
Comment on : Aug 1 2017 7:35AM

Radhe krishna

                       I am very happy to find our beloved Guruji''s bhajans. we all call him Gueuji. In the link for this page says Haridhos Giri bajans instead if you add Swami Haidoss Giri as he is a sanyasi we will appreciate. Thank you

Radhe Krishna
Rajeswari Raghuraman

Comment by : R.vijay anand
Comment on : Feb 15 2017 9:33PM

awesome collection and excellent works!

just awesome.....

Comment by : Roopa
Comment on : Jul 21 2017 7:33PM

Awesome website, I have been looking for audio collection of Swamiji. When I was a little girl I had the opportunity to attend Radha Kalayanam by Swamiji and Rukmini Kalyanam and few other concerts. I am really blessed to have seen him in person and thanks to my Music maami who is a disciple of Sathguru and Swamiji.

Extremely elated

Radhe Krishna !

Comment by : R.vijay anand
Comment on : Mar 10 2017 9:25AM


Comment by : soumya, edison
Comment on : Oct 3 2015 8:55AM

Comment by : soumya, edison
Comment on : Oct 3 2015 8:57AM

Comment by : haripothuval
Comment on : Oct 28 2015 6:42AM


Reaaly no words to describe about his splendid Bhajan

Comment by : haripothuval
Comment on : Oct 28 2015 6:51AM


We are really getting pleasure in listening very good Bhajan/Discourses and Carnatic music from time. Hats off Legend Musicpedia. Pl keep regularly posted latest Bhajan Collection of 

Shri. Udayalur Kalyanaraman Bhagavathar
O.S. Sunder Bhagavathar
Erode Rajamani Bhagavathar



Comment by : Subramanian B, Chennai
Comment on : Sep 7 2016 3:25AM

Dear Sir,

Excellent services.  Thanks a lot for your upload.

Subramanian B

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