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Dr.R.Ganesh belongs to the lineage of Great Composers - Sri Kavikunjara Bharathi and Shri Koteeswara Iyer, the later being one of the few Composers to have composed krithis in all the 72 Melakartha Ragas.

Ganesh started his training in vocal carnatic music at the age of 10 from Shri.P.Mahalinga Iyer at Thanjavur. Then, he learnt from Vidwan.Thirukkarugavoor Shri.G.Srinivasaraghavan. Later, he had advanced training through the traditional "Gurukulavasa" system from the Great Maestro Padmashri Sangita Kalanidhi Maharajapuram Shri.Santhanam for six years. Presently, he is continuing his training under Vidwan Shri.O.S.Thiagarajan.

He also learnt Veena for a short period from Vainika Vidwamsini Smt.Ranganayaki Rajagopalan of the Great Karaikudi Sambasiva Iyer School for few years.

Ganesh had the good fortune to accompany his Guru Shri. Maharajapuram Santhanam as Vocal Support in most of his concerts in India from August 1987 till June 1992 including the one at Swami Dayananda Matriculation School, Manjakkudy on 23rd June 1992 which happened to be the last concert of the Great Maestro.

As a concert performer

  Had the good fortune to accompany his Guru Shri Maharajapuram Santhanam as Vocal Support from August 1987 till June 1992 including the one at Swami Dayananda Matriculation School,  Manjakkudy on 23rd June 1992 which happened to be the last concert of the Great Maestro
 Has started giving individual music concerts throughout India after 1992 and has been performing in leading music institutions in India and abroad
 Had the golden opportunity to perform in the divine presence of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Prashanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi on the eve of His 70th birthday celebrations
 Is a regular performer and an artiste with grade ‘A’ in All India Radio and Doordarshan
 Has performed concerts in countries like Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai & Sri Lanka


 Born on 24th May 1968 in Mettur, Salem District
 Father M Radhakrishnan, a musician, singer, drama artist and enthusiast
 Mother R Vasantha, a creative handicraft artist and critical carnatic music rasika
 Wife Mrs Deepa Ganesh, a professional carnatic singer and a music teacher creating many budding carnatic artists

Various awards conferred

 "Sangitha Chinthamani" by His Holiness Sri Ayyappa Swamigal of Thiruverkadu in April 1998.
 The title "Yuva Kala Bharathi" by The Bharath Kalachar for the year 1998.
 Title "Isai Arasar" by Sri Pamban Swamigal Trust, Chennai in June 2002.
 Title "Gnana Sangeetha Mani" by Guhashri Swamigal Satsangam, Chennai in March 2003.
 The Youth Excellence award for Vocalist by Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Trust in November 2003.
 Was made the "Asthana Vidwan" of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam by His Holiness Shri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal in October 2006
 "Sri Veda Vyasa Kala Seva Ratna" by Shri Veda Vyasa Tapovanamby Guruji Shri Kashi Viswanathar
 "Chennaionline - Isai Vendar" on him by erstwhile Hon’ble Union Minister Shri G K Vasan at Chennai by
 The coveted title "Isai Peroli" by Kartik Fine Arts, Chennai in December 2007 by Paramapujyasri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamigal at Sathguru Gnanananda Hall, Chennai.
 Sri Raghavendra Swami Mutt, Mantralaya conferred the distinguished "Vijaya Vitthala Prashasti" for his achievement in music and Guruseva on 20th November 2008
 "Sangeetha Seva Ratna" by Sathguru Thiagaraja Aradhana Mahotsava Kainkarya Sabha, Madurai in January 2010 at Madurai.
 Ganesh was honoured by Sri Raghavendraswamy Mutt during the first year aradhana celebrations of His Holiness Shri Sushameendra Theertha Swamiji in March 2010

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