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Brahmasri Sattanatha Bhagavathar Disciple of Guruji, Sri.Sri.Sri Muralidhara Swamigal. He learnt Bhajana Sampradayam, Harikata from Sri.Sri.Sri Muralidhara Swamigal. he is the most seniour and leading bhajan artist in south india. He has been devoting his life for spreading the Power of Nama of Almighty through his Namasankeerthanams. He preaches to all, in his Bhajans that this is the easiest way to reach God. All the bhajans he is completing with gujujis Mahamantha krithanai, has become an expert in rendering Divyanamans, Dolotsavam and Anjanaya Utsavams. He is well versed in all the modes of Bhajana Sampradayams.

With his excellent Carnatic music background, He believes that Nama Kirtan (singing the name of the Lord) is the easiest way to perform Bhakti and attain liberation in this Kali Yuga. Srimad Bhagavatam and many other scriptures in Sanatana Dharma advocate this as the simplest means to attain the Lord. Scriptures say, “While mental repetition of the Divine Names leads to the good of the individual, chanting the Divine Names loudly purifies the chanter, the listener and the very place where the chanting is done.” In keeping with the Kali Santarana Upanishad, He is spreading the 16 line of slogan composed by Sri Swamiji advocates singing of the ‘Hare Rama…’ Mahamantra as the only way to overcome the ills of worldly existence and attain divine bliss. He inculcates a spirit of universal acceptance, coupled with intense faith and steadfast devotion on the path the spiritual seeker is treading on.

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01 Sath Gurunathan Muralidaran - Muralidara Swamigal - Sattanatha Bhagavathar :

01 Sath Gurunathan Muralidaran - Muralidara Swamigal - Sattanatha Bhagavathar
 Posted on 23/08/2016
02 Ravinandini Karaili - Murlidara Swamigal - Appara Mahima vom :

02 Ravinandini Karaili - Murlidara Swamigal - Appara Mahima vom
 Posted on 23/08/2016
03_Madhura Naayaka :

03_Madhura Naayaka
 Posted on 23/08/2016
04_Natavaralal Giridhara gopal :

04_Natavaralal Giridhara gopal
 Posted on 23/08/2016
05 Bhajara Yedunatham - Virajagopa Gopi Ramana :

05 Bhajara Yedunatham - Virajagopa Gopi Ramana
 Posted on 23/08/2016
06-Sivaloga Nathanai Kandu sevithiduvom :

06-Sivaloga Nathanai Kandu sevithiduvom
 Posted on 23/08/2016
07-Orajupu chuchEDi nyaayamaa - Kannada Gowla - Thyagaraja :

07-Orajupu chuchEDi nyaayamaa - Kannada Gowla - Thyagaraja
 Posted on 23/08/2016
08-Anjaneya :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
09-Nichayathartham :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
10-Baro murara :

10-Baro murara
 Posted on 23/08/2016
11-Saranagatha vatsala :

11-Saranagatha vatsala
 Posted on 23/08/2016
12-Vathanasu hasya rasala :

12-Vathanasu hasya rasala
 Posted on 23/08/2016
13-Divyanama sologams :

13-Divyanama sologams
 Posted on 23/08/2016
14-Upcharamulanu :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
15-Sri-krishna-Govinda-hara :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
16-Yadangripanke-kankshe-tava-pradasam-Narayanatheertha :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
17-dinama-sudhinamu-bhadrachala-ramadasaar :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
18_Chapana Chalana Hari :

18_Chapana Chalana Hari
 Posted on 23/08/2016
19-virthams :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
20-ragava-rama-ragava :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
21-Bhajara-gopalam :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
22-Panduranga-reya-re :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
23-krishna-rama-govinda-narayana :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
24-kamala-valaba-govinda :

 Posted on 23/08/2016
25-rajagopala-neela-mega-shayamala :

 Posted on 23/08/2016

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