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In the Indian state of Tamil Nadu enriched by the river Cauvery two great vedic scholars named Sengalipuram Brahmashri Anantharama Deekshithar and Brahmashri Narayana Deekshithar, the two Brothers in Kali Yuga like Lava & Kucha in Ramayana, ruled over the minds of the people in the beginning of the 20th century for several decades by their numerous dharmic discourses on Srimadh Ramayanam, Srimadh Bhagavatham, Sri Mahabharatham, Narayaneeyam etc. Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar.

The tradition is now being carried on by Somayaji, Maha Agnichith, Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar, the grandson of Brahmashri Narayana Deekshithar, and the son of Vadagudy Brahmashri Rama Deekshithar. Brahmashri Vittaldas is also the most blessed-disciple of the Guru Parampara of Sathguru Gnanananda Giri Swamigal of Dhakshina Halasyam, H H Sri Sri Sri Haridhos Giri Swamigal (Guruji) and Paranur Mahathma Brahmashri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Sri Sri Anna).

Brahmashri Vittaldas learnt Vedas and Shastras in proper way and has conducted many Yagnas, including the Garuda Chayana Athirathra Somayagnam in July 1997. As an honour to Brahmasri Jayakrishna Deekshithar's bhakthi towards Sri Pandurangan (Vittal), Sri Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal (Sri Sri Anna) conferred the title VITTALDAS to Him. Like His ancestors, Brahmashri Vittaldas is equally a talented scholar and has been preaching and giving discourses on Ramayana, Bhagavatham, Narayaneeyam and other epics. Like His Guru Swamy Haridhos Giri Swamigal, Brahmashri Vittaldas is blessed with the art of doing Namasankeerthanam. His Abhang Bhajan (Maharashtra devotional songs) and musical discourses especially Sri Bhaktha Vijayam, makes any listener blissfully happy and rapturous.

Brahmashri Vittaldas has been spreading Bhakthi and the importance of Namasankeerthanam to attain peace and welfare in mankind. In the Kali Yug, the only easy way to reach the Lotus Feet of God is through chanting of Lord's name. With this in mind, Brahmashri Vittaldas has formed an establishment by name Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan. Various dharmic activities like Pooja, Bhajans, Unchanvrithi, Upanyasams etc. are carried out throughout the year in Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan. Brahmasri Vittaldas has been performing Namasankeerthanams and Upanyasams all over India throughout the year with His disciples to spread the importance of Namasankeerthanam.

Sri Vittal Rukmini Mandir

With the divine blessings of Sri Vittal Sri Rukmini Devi, Dakshina Halasyam Sri Gnanananda Giri Peedathipathi Sri Haridhos Giri Swamigal and Paranur Mahathma Sri Krishna Premi Swamigal, Brahmashri Vittaldas Maharaj has completed the construction of the new temple for Sri Pandurangan and Sri Rukmini Devi at Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan premises. The new temple is in North Indian, Maharashtrian style architecture (Hemandapanthi) with 132 ft Gopuram, Garbhagruham (Sanctum Sanctorum), Ardhamandapam, Vasanthamandapam, Mahamandapam and Mahadwaram.

Veda Patasala

Brahmashri Vittaldas has also formed an institution called Sri Panduranga Charities which has several objectives like spreading vedic knowledge, GoSamrakshanam, providing medical relief to poor, establishing and maintaining dharmasalas, providing educational assistance to the needy etc.,. Donations to Sri Panduranga Charities are exempt under section 80(G) of the Income-tax Act

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 Posted on 31/12/2016
02_Narayana hari :

02_Narayana hari
 Posted on 31/12/2016
03_Deva pooja :

03_Deva pooja
 Posted on 31/12/2016
04_Oh guru :

04_Oh guru
 Posted on 31/12/2016
05_Gnalam Potrum Seedanadi :

05_Gnalam Potrum Seedanadi
 Posted on 31/12/2016
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 Posted on 31/12/2016
07_Nama Rusi :

07_Nama Rusi
 Posted on 31/12/2016
08_Pirobo ganapathe :

08_Pirobo ganapathe
 Posted on 31/12/2016
09_Santha pathashe :

09_Santha pathashe
 Posted on 31/12/2016
10_NamaHe Hari :

10_NamaHe Hari
 Posted on 31/12/2016
11_Rathe shayam :

11_Rathe shayam
 Posted on 31/12/2016
12_Thasasi samapathi :

12_Thasasi samapathi
 Posted on 31/12/2016
13_Vathana Suhaasya :

13_Vathana Suhaasya
 Posted on 31/12/2016
14_Aamhim Aparathi :

14_Aamhim Aparathi
 Posted on 31/12/2016
15_Namacha :

 Posted on 31/12/2016
16_Athri thrunee :

16_Athri thrunee
 Posted on 31/12/2016
17 - Panduragan Puzhl :

17 - Panduragan Puzhl
 Posted on 31/12/2016
18_Ha paramasanaathana :

18_Ha paramasanaathana
 Posted on 31/12/2016
19_Sanku sakara :

19_Sanku sakara
 Posted on 31/12/2016
20_Gnavalam vathu :

20_Gnavalam vathu
 Posted on 31/12/2016
21_Vitala vitala :

21_Vitala vitala
 Posted on 31/12/2016
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 Posted on 31/12/2016
23_Thujaveena Seena :

23_Thujaveena Seena
 Posted on 31/12/2016
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 Posted on 31/12/2016
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 Posted on 31/12/2016

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Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar

Comment by : Venkat Narayanan, Bangalore
Comment on : Jan 2 2017 4:49AM

Thodayamangalam and Kalyana Ashtapadi
Brahmashri Vittaldas Jayakrishna Deekshithar

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