Kovai S.Jayaraman was born on 09.12.1951 in a small, serene and beautiful village - Tirukattupalli, near Thanjavur, "The capital of Fine Arts”. He was born to (Late) Shri A.Sundararama Iyer and Smt S.Brahadambal. His father was a renowned stage artist as well as a great bhagavatha of the yester years. His mother is a good singer.

Kovai Jayaraman started singing at the very tender age of 5 by the influence of his parents. The household was always filled with songs and slokas. The village was also conducting many varieties of functions filled with music and drama. Sir P.S.Sivaswami Iyer High School, Tirukattupalli where he has studied, also encouraged him in singing the daily prayer and on occasions of visit of dignitaries or annual day celebrations. Many certificate were given to him.

He learnt music preliminaries from Tirukkattupalli Govindaraja Pillai, an eminent Nadaswaram exponent. Later took Thanjavur Sri B.M.Sundaram, the great Musicologist, as his Guru, who shaped his singing and introduced him to the ocean of Music. He is ever thankful to his Guru but for whose help he would not have had the opportunity to sing without fear.

Jayaraman was blessed to have been born in the family of bhagavatha to have the greatest advantage of learning music from his early days. He learnt music since his childhood from his mother and later from Shri B.M.Sundaram, a great musicologist of Thanjavur. His elder brother Thanjavur S.Subbaraman who trained Sri. Jayaraman in this field was also a renowned bhagavatha and a good dancer.

His Guru is H.H.Swami Gnananandha of Tirukovilur whose divine grace befell on him to augment his growth on spiritual direction. He had his collegiate education at Kancheepuram. It was the time when he started developing great devotion on the Acharyaas of the Kamakoti Peetam. The teachings of the Kamakoti peetam and its sanctom sanctorum gave Kovai Jayaraman a religious bent and an affinity towards Paramacharyal. During the period almost everyday he visited the Math to have the darshan of the Acharya.

He got appointment in Oriental Insurance Company at Coimbatore. Since then he has been orchestrating his own bhajan group after instituting the same. It is at Coimbatore that he was introduced to Swami Gnananandha of Tapovanam, Tirukoilur, whom his family has taken as their kula guru.The whole family follows the teachings of Tapovan Maharaj and Paranur Mahaathma Sri Sri Krishna Premi Maharaj. They are the guiding force for Kovai Jayaraman.

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